Report on Government Services - 2003, Housing

TitleReport on Government Services - 2003, Housing
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsProductivity Commission Australia
Keywordsamenity, AUS - Australia, Generated, Inner Regional Australia Major Cities of Australia, Not specified/other, Performance- accessibility, satsifaction

This is an annual report on the performance of government services in Australia. Chapter 16 of the report is concerned with government performance in regard to the provision of public, Indigenous and community housing under the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement and the Commonowealth Rent Assistance scheme. The effectiveness of State and Territory owned and managed Indigenous housing was assessed according to - Appropriateness - Access - Quality Indicators of appropriateness were the match of dwelling size to household size and affordability. Affordability was measured by rent charged as a proportion of the market rent. Three indicators of access were used (1) the number of low income and special needstenants, (2) proportion of new tenancies allocated to households with special needs, (3) the priority of access given to those in greatest need. The quality of housing is measured by surveying tenant satsifaction. However such survey data was not available for the 2003. The efficiency of State and Territory owned and managed Indigenous housing was measured using four indicators (1) cost per dwelling, (2) proportion of housing stock occupied, (3) turnaround time, (4) total rent collected as a proportion of rent charged. in Report on Government Services - 2003, Productivity Commission, Canberra.