Between Places: Indigenous Mobility in Remote and Rural Australia

TitleBetween Places: Indigenous Mobility in Remote and Rural Australia
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMemmott P, Long S, Bell M, Taylor J, Brown D
ISBN Number1 920941 53 3
Keywords38 - Housing & Community Planning [Aboriginal Arch, 38.6 - General: Demographic aspects [migration, AUS - Australia, Discrete Settlements Discrete Urban Settlements Di, Generated, Mobility - residential mobility, r, Remote Australia Very Remote Australia

The aim of this projectis to quantify and contextualize Indigenous mobility using case study findings in order to develop a better understanding of Indigenous perspectives, experiences of and aspirations for mobility. (Memmott et al 2004:2.) This project examines the literature on Indigneous mobility in Australia and provides the following: 1. An overview of the Indigenous mobility literature. 2. Findings on spatial patterns of movement. 3. Findings on temporal patterns of movement 4. Motivators for mobility and immobility 5. Analysis of the 2001 ABS Census data 6. The relationship between mobility and policy and services 7. Ongoing methodsPositioning Paper, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Queensland Research Centre.